Do YOU Want To WIN At Life?


Did you know...

  • According to studies, 10 percent of our thoughts involve comparisons of some kind. [Psychology Today]
  • 46 percent of U.S. adults report feeling lonely. [Cigna]
  • ​​There are 900 million people in 142 countries who are unfulfilled with what they do in life. [Gallup]

Everyone was created to win at life,
why do so many feel like they're losing?

How can you WIN at life?

  • Discover who YOU are: God didn't make you as a copy of anyone else. Learn how to be who He created you to be.
  • Practice Growth-Mindedness: Actively work on your mental mindset, physical health, and faith journey.
  • Engage in Community: Find a safe community that fosters growth, encouragement, and accountability.
  • ​Invest in Yourself: Lasting change requires investment of time, money, and energy. You're worth it.
  • Serve: Live out your purpose and do what you're designed to do so you can impact others.

Are you ready to WIN?

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I wasn't always.
Struggling to know who I was,
my identity was lost.
I lived life comparing myself to others,
wearing masks, and playing roles to a
script that wasn't meant for me.
I remember often saying,
"I just can't win!"
It wasn't a healthy place to be as a wife,
mom, entrepreneur, or friend.

It wasn't until I chose to invest in myself
that I learned how to innovate my identity
and be who God created me to be.

Discovering my identity was helpful,
but knowing what to do with it took time.

Further investing in myself brought me
closer to my purpose and when I began to engage in a supportive community, this
is when I began to make real progress!

45055747_10151054305774946_8670432793206980608_n jpg
Renee-Speaker-Igniting-Souls-5 jpg

Since then, I've learned
a powerful method that allows
me to win the struggle of comparing
myself to others.

I've broken through many insecurities
and fears
, like public speaking, and now I
can speak on stages to hundreds of people sharing the value I've been called to share
with others.

I learned that I am a Life-Winner.

In 2020, my book Measuring Up: How to
WIN in a World of Comparison
and I saw firsthand lives being impacted.

Accomplishments don't make me a Winner.
A winning mindset - willingness to take the
next step toward who I was created to be
and taking action toward doing what I'm designed to do - does.

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Now that I've helped others learn to win at life,
I want to help you step into your calling to be a Life Winner, too!

This is why I've created The Winner's Circle Community Membership:
I want to empower YOU to win at life.

SPECIAL Pricing... Join NOW to Lock in this Offer!

How The Winner's Circle will Help You Win at Life

Mindset * Health * Faith

Inside the Winner's Circle, we know the importance of focusing on a holistic approach in order to win at
life. You'll receive coaching and support to help you maintain a winning mindset, improve your health, live
out your purpose, and strengthen your faith in a safe and encouraging community.

(The 1st Winner's P.A.C.E. Mastermind cohort kicks off January 8, 2022 and includes membership
inside The Winner's Circle. We will begin accepting applications soon for the next cohort!)

Winner's Circle

  • 24/7 Access to The Winner's Circle Online Community
  • Weekly Goal Setting and Accountability
  • Weekly Coaching Videos
  • Weekly Faith-based Life Coaching Content
  • Access to The WIN Method Measuring Up Course (soon)
  • Monthly Live Group Call with a Health & Fitness Coach
  • Monthly Live Group Coaching Call to help you Win at Life
  • Opportunity to Connect with new Like-Minded Friends
  • ​Member Highlight Interview (can be used for promotional purposes)
  • Discounted tickets to the Winner's Circle Retreats

Winner's P.A.C.E. Mastermind
(6- Month Cohort)

  • 24/7 Access to The Winner's Circle Online Community
  • Weekly Goal Setting and Accountability
  • Weekly Coaching Videos
  • Weekly Faith-based Life Coaching Content
  • ​​Access to The WIN Method Measuring Up Course (soon)
  • Monthly Live Group Call with a Health & Fitness Coach
  • Monthly Live Group Coaching Call to help you Win at Life
  • Opportunity to Connect with new Like-Minded Friends
  • Member Highlight Interview (can be used for promotional purposes)
  • Daily Accountability for Daily Wins
  • Official Enneagram Institute Assessment and full results
  • Monthly Small Group Enneagram/Identity Coaching Call
  • Monthly Small Group Coaching Call with a Business Coach
  • ​​Monthly Small Group Coaching Call with Winning Mindset Coach
  • Monthly Small Group Coaching Call with Spiritual Growth Coach
  • Separate Private Community and Access to Coaches and fellow P.A.C.E. Mastermind members
  • (optional) Special pricing for additional individual coaching
  • VIP Ticket to the June 8-9, 2022 Winner's Circle Retreat!

Who is in The Winner's Circle?

Diverse Humans

Man-Woman-Group-speech-bubbles-3365371 jpg

Women, Men, Varied Ages & Backgrounds

We are each unique. Diversity is celebrated in The Winner's Circle. While many of our members identify with the Christian faith, if you are motivated to discover who you're created to be and desire to live out what you're designed to do so you can win at life and make an are a Life Winner and we'd love for you to join us!


debby-hudson-VIr-KKzL2eg-unsplash jpg

Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Parents, & More

Every person is on a journey full of purpose. Whether you're a parent, young adult, retiree, entrepreneur, or you're a leader in your home, work, or community, if you're seeking to grow personally, professionally, and/or spiritually, you're a Life Winner and you have a perspective to share and plenty to learn from others!


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Iron Sharpens Iron

Community is important. The more we collaborate, support, and unite, the greater the impact we make in our world throughout our lifetime.
The Winner's Circle is filled with individuals who are committed to being a team player who's a servant, encouraging, and open to learning from one another.

What Happens Inside The Winner's Circle Subscription?


Health & Fitness Coaching

luis-quintero-aoz8a7jO0QI-unsplash jpg

Live Zoom Call
(All members)

  • Experts help you to improve physically
  • A safe environment to be authentic and learn without judgement.
  • Choose your own level of engagement, replays available.


Winner's Coaching Call

gabriel-benois-qnWPjzewewA-unsplash jpg

Live Zoom Call
(All members)

  • Coach Renee is passionate about helping you to WIN at life!
  • Bring your questions and we'll work together to find solutions.
  • Applicable and Practical Coaching strategies & techniques.


Member Highlight

107844457_1149448942086452_2888533498074542887_n jpg

A Live Interview
(All members)

  • Opportunity to be highlighted.
  • Use the Member Highlight interview for your own promotional purposes, or building interview confidence.
  • Circle members get to know one another even better.


Weekly Accountability

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Weekly Goal Setting and Support

  • Post your missions and objectives for the week.
  • When we see what we're all working on we can help one another.
  • We can pray for and encourage our Circle members.


WIN Wednesday

107733721_310449796756789_6991974721166386774_n jpg

Weekly WIN Coaching Moment

  • Teaching from The WIN Method to help you along the current course.
  • Practical coaching to implement what we're working on.
  • Rally around and celebrate our wins!


Faith Friday

kelly-sikkema-1hUldA7n5Yw-unsplash jpg

Weekly Faith-based Life Coaching

  • We accept and love people of all faiths but teach and coach from the Holy Bible and are Christ-centered.
  • Practical applications for life.
  • Learn from other members on their faith journey.

W.I.N. Method : Comparison Course! (Coming Soon!)

CourseImage png

Special Features:

  • Worksheets: Printable PDF's
  • Video Lessons: Learn from a Recovering Comparaholic
  • Access to the E-book: Follow along with Measuring Up: How to WIN in a World of Comparison
  • Monthly Live Coaching: With active Winner's Circle Subscription
  • Learn at Your Own Pace: Easy Modules to work through at your convenience

What You'll Learn:

  • What Comparison is Costing you and how to take Control back to Save Time, Money, Energy, and More.
  • The 3 Comparison Roadblocks and which one you Crash into most often.
  • Whether or not you have a Lost, Stolen, or Mistaken ID (and what can you do about it).
  • Who you are and how to Develop your Innovated Identity.
  • How to use Comparison to your Benefit vs. your Detriment.

Now is the time to start Winning at Life!

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1 Corinthians 9:24 says "Run your race to win!"
(YOU were created to WIN!)

Ready to win at life?
You're invited to join The Winner's Circle!

Don't Wait!



"No more comparing!"

109099870_756022998504107_8547579068993717050_n jpg

I didn’t realize for many years that I was comparing myself to others in many ways and on many levels - as a Christian, a mom, homeschooler, a woman, Zumba instructor, author - there were plenty of opportunities for me to compare myself to others and allow myself to be blocked by my own estimation that I must not be good enough in any of those areas.

When Renee suggested as part of navigating my journey to take the simple step of unfollowing certain people on social media (people whom I was allowing to get in my way because of comparison) it made a world of difference in how I perceived myself. It gave me the mental space to focus not only on what I need to be doing and improving upon but to be happy for them, too.

No more comparing!

- Cecille Bibawy
Author of Loving Her Mind

"...I’ve pushed past my own limiting beliefs and am chasing after big goals."

Bee-evans-pic jpg

Throughout my life, I've often had my two feet planted firmly in opposite worlds. At the age of twenty-one, I was wearing work boots in the oil and gas industry AND dancing professionally for the Phoenix Suns NBA team. I thought it was normal to constantly compare myself to others, especially since I've noticed other women comparing themselves to me. Eventually, I saw how it was getting in the way of living out my own unique qualities and keeping me from taking my next step.

By using the WIN Method daily, I'm now using comparison in a healthy way and I'm getting closer to my authentic self. Thanks to Renee, I’ve pushed past my own limiting beliefs and am chasing after big goals. The “old me” is still there but now I have a way to manage and overcome the habit of comparison.

- Bee Evans

Tear Out the Tags
by Embldn Label

Life-Winner's Give Back

You're making a difference for others!

Every month you're a part of The Winner's Circle,
a portion of your membership helps
feed a family of 3 in Namabasa, Uganda for nearly a month!

This is made possible through 'A Child Lives'
- a credible non-profit organization created
by one of our WC Life Winner's, Linda McKanna.

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